A 6 month, high-level mastermind for mentors, coaches, healers and witches starting in Dec ‘22.

 For outrageous confidence, cash and a whole lot more!


What if 10k months weren’t occasional?

How would you feel if that kind of income was not just normal, but expected?

Imagine the power in knowing that making 5 figure months wasn’t just a fluke, but your intentional, consistent manifestation.

For Lioness coaches, mentors, healers and witches this becomes a reality when:

  • They are deeply connected to the most confident, audacious, outrageous version of themselves and what they’ve been put this earth to do
  • They are  ‘full of themselves’ in the best possible way so that they can enjoy  success, create a ripple effect and truly be themselves in their business
  • They are clear on their desires, intentions and inspired actions, all of which align with their big vision.
  • They create soul-aligned compelling offers that SELL.


Lionesses sell out their offers, packages and digital products.


Why? Because… 

This is my personal formula for success. Sound simple? It is! And when you start applying it daily lovely, you won’t believe the difference.


Lioness Mastermind is a business mastermind.


But, it’s about a whole lot more than business.

  • It’s about you deciding who you are and what you stand for
  • It’s about you deciding how things get to be for you
  • It’s about you re-writing the rule book
  • It’s about healing your confidence wounds
  • It’s about you stepping audaciously into a bigger version of yourself  


When we do this, we allow ourselves to do the work our hearts truly desire, and we can change the world with it.


When we do this, we manifest the lives we always wanted.


I’ve created a coaching business in the last 18 months that feels so MAGICAL… I can hardly believe that this is my life! I decided I was doing the damn thing, and within 3 months of starting - I had my first 10k month. Since then have had 20k 50k and most recently 74k months...

But how????

A few years ago, this wasn’t even imaginable for me. But, I desired it! So I did what I always do - and surrounded myself with other people who were making or working towards making a lot of money.

I studied the ones that were succeeding, in depth! I learned from them. I took their courses. I read their books. I asked them questions. I watched them.

The number 1 quality that they had in common was a fierce, unshakable confidence in themselves combined with unstoppable faith that there were universal forces working in their favour.

I didn’t have this kind of confidence or faith in business.

But I realised is that I had built this kind of confidence and faith in other areas of my life… many times. I realised I actually had my own system, my own process from going from zero to unstoppable… when I DECIDED.

I’d just never applied it to business and money making before.


But now I have… It’s changed EVERYTHING.

I am a Lioness, fiercely and unapologetically making big money in my business.

50k months are quickly becoming my new normal.

Fierce impact is signature style. I’ve become the powerhouse woman that other women plug into to charge up, and get to where they are wanting to go!

This is the approach I have to my work, and since I operate in this way my work is aligned and the money I make from it is abundant.

What I hear most from my clients is that being around me and having access to how I think, behave and be about business, confidence and faith gives them inspiration and permission to have the life and business they truly desire.

As you might be sensing, this mastermind is not your average mastermind.


Lioness Mastermind is strictly for Lioness mentors, coaches, healers and witches.

  • I will only invite wild women who refuse to settle for small
  • I’m only accepting the women who aren’t interested in excuses
  • The women in this mastermind will be the action takers, the rebels, the ones with the fierce, wild hearts full of passion and drive
  • If you’re in, you will fit in by showing up, staying focused, being accountable and doing what it takes to succeed
  • You’ll know you’re in the right place by how fiercely you feel this pride of Lionesses cheer you on, have your back and hold  you to your own highest standard.
  • In this mastermind you’ll have access to me, my wisdom, knowledge and expertise how to build and expand your confidence, how to use Law of Attraction for cash, and how to explode your business!
  • You will get to experience the difference it makes when you have someone who is where you want to be, seeing the things you can’t yet see, holding the space for your transformation.
  • This mastermind will be intimate, inspiring and invigorating.
  • I hold vast upleveling space for you.
  • You’ll be in the room with the other incredible women who are doing the thing in a big audacious way too.
  • In Lioness Mastermind we support each other, we celebrate each other, we encourage and we motivate each other.


We rise together.


  •  1:1 call monthly.
  • Weekly Mastermind calls where you will always get the individual support you need, plus the learning, healing and inspiration that comes from witnessing the other Lioness’s journeys.
  • Voxer audio and text support.
  • Access to my entire body of work while you’re in the mastermind, including digital courses, training programs and video resources.
  • Exclusive access to The LIONESS 5 Figure Formula™️ Private FB group community to share wins, support each other and ask questions.
  • 50% off any in person retreats or VIP days I run while you’re in the mastermind.

The Spell

All my life, I’ve put myself in rooms with people who are being the way I want to be, achieving what I want to achieve and doing the things I’m trying to do. I’ve always instinctively aligned myself with people who are further along the path I’m finding my way down.

Every time I’ve done that it’s transformed me.

Each time I spot that person and move close to them, it’s fast-tracked me.

When someone has stepped into their purpose, confidence, magnetism and audacious vision and I hang around in their space, get to ask my questions and listen and speak with them… it’s like I’m under a spell. A very powerful and potent spell that elevates me.

Let this mastermind elevate you.

Let’s make money and magic.

Kaz Olive

“If I could use one word to describe the work we do together it would be ‘MAGIC’, Lisa and I create magic”. I’m already reaching 10k months I’m getting so much success with my sales calls, which is interesting because my sales approach hasn’t changed, but I believe my energy and belief in myself has shifted in amazing ways clients are paying me in full which is something that didn’t happen before I’m in full flow of my creative energy and seamlessly putting my business structure together in a way that makes sense and feels right for me But it’s not all about the money. My biggest desire when I came to Lisa was for FREEDOM. I had a dream of working from anywhere in the world. I wanted my work to give me back time so I could be with family, and enjoy the world around me. One the most amazing things I’ve manifested is that I’m currently living in New Zealand for 2-3 months with my partner while working on my business. After my last pay in full client, Lisa asked me how I was going to celebrate. I had mentioned to her that I would love to live in Bali. And guess what, I booked it! I’m doing it. I’ll be heading to Bali to live and work there. The success that I’m seeing, especially in a short amount of time has really exceeded my expectations”

Megan Kruger

"Sometime back in 2021, Lisa Fox showed up in my feed. I don’t know exactly how we became friends but she mentioned her program for millionaire moms and I wasn’t a mom but I still popped into her group. At this point, I had liked enough of her posts that she was showing up in the top of my feed. One day she was celebrating a huge month with a delightful purse and I thought, I need to work with her. She is saying all the stuff I need to hear and she is kicking butt. At that time I was doing about 4-6k/ month but with plans to move as quickly as possible to $25k. I reached out to her. We started our work together and we dove into my vision, how much and how little I wanted to work, some blocks, some keys to manifesting and a lot of direct and focused strategy. Since working with Lisa I doubled my income in under 4 months and I’ve just had my first $20,000 month. I look forward to my calls with Lisa. We laugh, we swear, she pushes me, but she also gets me! I’ve loved working Lisa and I’m excited to Voxer message her soon to let her know I’ve hit the $30k."

The Investment for Lioness Mastermind is €7,777

Early Bird


(saving you €1111)


Payment Plan


x 10 months


Next Steps


If you’re feeling a fire lighting in your belly, why don’t you book a call with me, and we can talk about whether Lioness Mastermind would be the fiercest thing for you and your coaching business.

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