The 12 month Experience for fierce moms in Business, who want to unlock more aligned success, money, impact & visibility all while experiencing the joy of motherhood.

Are you ready to skyrocket your confidence, become more visible and make more money without sacrificing time with your family?

I work with super ambitious moms in business, just like you, who want the confidence to have the successful business and life for your kids you always dreamed of, whilst still having time and energy to be the fabulous mom you were always meant to be.  

The only problem is - your confidence is lacking, you believe in your business but deep down you just aren’t being visible enough - and truth is, it’s stopping you from making the money you are capable of because -  FACT - confidence sells.

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Helga Jensdottir, Mindset Coach/Hypnotherapist

"Since signing up for The Lair Academy around 6 weeks ago, I have become more intentional around how I approach my business. In July, the month before I signed up I made $4950 US all in all. In September, so far (with a week left of the month) I have all in all had $9860 USD come in. That is my highest income month this year so far. 


It‘s fascinating to me that as I sign up more clients, more money seems to find me through other means as well. 


I love the community in The Lair for getting feedback and show support. It helps to be able to be vulnerable and to be reminded to celebrate big and little wins. Weekly support calls are great as you learn from others and get clarity on your own best next steps. I can‘t wait to see what the rest of the year brings."

  • Want the confidence it takes to succeed in your business so you can get out of your own way, attract more clients and have more money for more memories with your children?
  • Wish you could stop resisting your marketing & be more visible so you could stop being the best kept secret in your niche?
  • Struggle to find your audience?
  • Not a natural ‘seller’ but know it’s important for a steady stream of clients?
  • Feel constantly depleted in energy from the juggling and mental load of family life?
  • Find yourself procrastinating or trying to get things perfect instead of getting things out there? 
  • Find you are spending (or wasting) time and energy doing ‘busy work’ rather than the thing that brings you more clients and more money?
  • Know that you have the capacity and heart to serve a lot more people and make a lot more money but you need to take a confidence quantum leap to get you there?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are not alone. It’s time to stop standing in your own way and launch into a vibrant new lioness life - one where you get to provide for your cubs and be there for them too.

Let me show you how...

10 x’ing your income and spending the summer in a camper with your kids like Caitríona (She went from making less than €600 per month to €6k months in less than 3 months).

Finally coming out of the spiritual closet, owning your intuitive gifts and selling more than ever before, like Nessa - who went from making yo-yoing between $400 months with the odd 4 figure month to breaking her income ceiling and making more than 4k a month in her business last month.

Having a new baby and growing your coaching business more than ever before like Kerri who made 11.5k in her first 4 months in The Lair Academy and has been going from strength to strength since then.


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The Confidence Queen Archetypes ™

Access to my unique confidence queen archetypesWith this archetype framework you will easily identify which archetypes you’re already naturally embodying. You’ll see which ones you'll need to develop further… and how to combine the Confidence Queen Archetypes ™ to develop Infinite Confidence ™ for 5k months… to start. These groundbreaking archetypes are unique and create powerful results. They have been created and developed for The Lair Academy exclusively and are not available in any other program in the world.

Business and Confidence Coaching Calls

Weekly group coaching calls for intuitive mentoring and teaching. Members can request a hot seat whenever they require one, and I will coach and channel guidance for you to give individual and tailored feedback on how to move your business forward. The Magic sauce here is that all members report getting so much value from each other's breakthroughs - it’s mind blowing. These calls are often spiritual awakenings and success revolutions. Recordings are made available.

Lioness Success Modules

Confidence and business training around sales, visibility, business strategy, money magnetism and marketing.

Lioness Success Q&A

Weekly Q&A for extra support as you’re implementing the lioness success strategies and confidence queen archetypes in your business.

Members only Facebook group

Exclusive access to the Facebook community to ask questions, celebrate wins, and get support from Lisa & other lionesses between calls.


Lisa ran her own thriving performing arts business alongside an incredibly successful career as a performer for 16 years before becoming a Business and Money Mastery Coach and The Confidence Queen. In her performing career especially she built the skills of confidence, visibility and resilience. These qualities did not come naturally, but did become the superpowers that helped her develop the belief that anything is possible when you learn to believe in yourself! Since having her own children, she is called to use her gifts in helping other moms in business to succeed despite all the odds. Using her consciously constructed superpowers, she's already making multiple six figures in her coaching business, less than 2 years in.

The Lair Academy is the culmination of a lifetime of lived experience in using confidence and faith to succeed, the confidence coding and law of attraction techniques she’s developed and the work she does with her 1:1 clients all combined into a 12 month container to help you break through to your next level of success, no matter what that looks like – in the most aligned way possible. Most recently she's developed The Confidence Queen Archetypes™, which help her clients to very successfully and consistently unlock 5k months and beyond.


Work With Lisa









Dyann Campbell, Rapid Transformation and Mind Scanning Therapist 

"I took the plunge and joined The Lair Academy several months ago. I liked Lisa's vibe and knew almost instantly that she would give me the right mix of gentle cajoling and a swift kick up the arse. Life before Lisa saw me shy away from posting on social media and feeling sick to my stomach every time I did post. It was almost as if I was embarrassed about the work I do and was trying to keep myself a secret! Now I happily post about my vulnerabilities, my secret sauce, my program and the amazing results I get with my clients. I’ve gone from having two or three word of mouth/referrals per month to having over £1000 hit my stripe account in only one week. I'm almost making 4k months now and have my eye on 5k before the end of the year. My confidence and visibility is really beginning to kick in now, and I can’t wait to see what the next few months brings. My shop sign is out, the shutters are up, the lights are shining bright. I’m well and truly open for business. Lisa Fox is THE bomb."


Yes, this might seem big and it will take courage!

I’m not saying it’s going to be comfortable…even though I know it will be exhilarating!

This program will give you the mindset for success you know you have the potential for. This is where Lair Academy stands out from the crowd! And this is why you will get RESULTS like no other program you’ve done before.